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Trust us with your dreams and watch as we transform them into tangible realities that exceed even your wildest expectations.

About us
Having started from humble beginnings, our company has rapidly grown and expanded over the past few years.We offer following services.

What sets us apart from other companies?

We work on a wide range of custom building projects, from residential homes and commercial buildings to renovations, remodels, and additions.

We believe that collaboration is key to creating a successful custom building project. We will work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure that your vision is fully realized and that the final product exceeds your expectations.

The timeline for each project can vary depending on factors such as size, complexity, and materials. We will provide you with a detailed project plan that outlines the timeline and milestones, and we will keep you informed throughout the entire process.


Maximize your property value with affordable duplex homes, live in one, and sell or rent the other for financial freedom. Building a duplex in Vancouver is now easier since 2018, with all RS1-zoned single family dwellings eligible for duplex builds


Increase the value of your lot with a laneway home, whether it's to bring the family closer or create a rental unit. We specialize in building tiny homes and can design one to fit your busy life.


Build your dream home with ease through our custom home-building services. Our in-house trades team ensures clear communication, making the process effortless and uniquely tailored to your needs.

Restaurant Division

We specialize in building restaurants

Creating unique and functional spaces that are designed to enhance the dining experience for customers and provide a seamless workflow for restaurant staff

"Our goal is to create a warm and trustworthy circle with everyone we work with. We strive for complete client satisfaction by delivering high-quality services and ensuring that every project is designed and built to bring happiness"

Stefan Woo, Principal & Real Estate Consultant

"I find great meaning in life and am honored to contribute to the success of INCIRCLE GROUP, INC in this industry. It's this passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces that makes our job so fulfilling."

Prince Owan, CEO

"As a dedicated project manager, I take pride in providing top-notch care to my clients and ensuring that every detail is executed with precision. My passion for connecting with people."

Aaron Mathewson, Project Manager & Designer

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